The painting HeartBridge was a joy to create and I would like to communicate what that experience was. My love and I had been moving towards a deeper resonance in our relationship. Our hearts were in a very merged state at times and we were experiencing blissful moments, beyond anything we had ever experienced in other relationships. Our years of zen practice and transpersonal therapy were no doubt major contributors to this unfolding. As this was happening in my outer and inner life, I got the inspiration to paint a symbolic representation of our “HeartBridge.”

So the work began as a dark blue background with galaxies and stars in a band from lower left to upper right. Then I spent some time envisioning how the heart would look and what kind of feel to give it. I didn’t want to create a sentimental valentine. So the vision slowly revealed itself as an organic heart, partially forming out of the starry void in the background. Creating movement of shape and colour within the heart gave an impression of flow and growth. I left empty spaces there as well, to depict the formless realms, places that we cannot know or visit with the intellect. The Essential state of merging Love is within each of us, waiting to awakened, if we will only take the time and effort to uncover it, dropping ego concerns and seeing beneath surface emotions.

One such empty space was at the center of the heart. What to put there? A quasar. The central visual element. The divine aspect of Love, shining in the timeless center of each heart. The quasar was the last major element to go into the painting. Then I spent long hours working on the abstract shapes in the heart, working with the colours, and really enjoying just being with the painting on the screen.

The whole process of working on this piece was wondrous, as I was feeling joy and love arising spontaneously from my own heart. There was mutual experience of these essential states within the presence, the unity, of the relationship. So this HeartBridge can truly  be called a labour of love.  It is, of course, available in a signed, limited edition print. See previous post for information.