The sacred nature of the lotus as a symbol has been seen in many different cultures. When I began this work many years ago it was a project for a fund raising poster for the Rochester Zen Center. The original was done with graphite and colored pencils on chalkboard. Then over the years I would pick it up again and consider “finishing” it. I liked the layout and positioning of the original three lotus blossoms and leaves. About a month ago I had a deep experience of my sacred nature, beyond all duality, and a pink lotus was the symbol which arose in my mind. As a result, I felt the urge to re-create this painting, both as an artistic endeavour and as a spiritual mirroring of my inner process. It will undergo some refinement in future as I clarify the lines in the leaf and adjust the lighting. However it is close to being “done.” A signed, numbered print is available if you send an email to me at Thanks for visiting myartistego.

Sacred Lotuses