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Twin Dragons

Twin Dragons

Twin Dragons Dancing with the Pearl of Truth. This started out as a coloured pencil drawing 10 years ago and I scanned it to work on colours and shapes with Corel Painter.

This is a metaphor for two enlightened beings playing with the ultimate truth. What is the truth? Look, look, it is that which is reading these words and seeing this picture. One thought of right or wrong, this or that, beautiful or ugly, and the pearl is gone.

Mt Kulshan (aka Mt Baker)

Mt Kulshan (aka Mt Baker)

Hike up trough thin air and open your singular eye to the vision of the Sacred Mountain Kulshan.
Pure Earth energy is clearing the mind and the body.

Energy or Zenergy is everywhere, but it is more powerfully felt near the great volcanic peaks of the west coast.

This is a Corel Painter altered photo, the result of a recent hike in the Mt Baker area 2 hours Southeast of Vancouver, BC.

These peaks were mostly renamed by European sailors and explorers but their Native names seem more appropriate:

Mt Shasta in Northern California….Shasta
Mt Hood in Oregon….Wy’East
Mt Rainier in Washington……Ti Swaq (new proposed Native name)
Mt. Adams = Pah Do
Mt. Baker = Kulshan
Mt. St. Helens = Suek

A Zen koan (Chinese Kung’an) to illustrate this painting:

A monk asked Shao Shan: “Is there any phrase which is neither right or wrong?” Shao Shan answered, “A piecs of white cloud does not show any ugliness.”