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Lizard King

Lizard King 17 signed croppedSearch for Jim Morrison paintings and mostly you will find crap. I felt it was time to share this with a larger visual audience. This one took many hours with multiple revisions. Tonight I have been listening to the remastered Doors CD ‘Strange Days’ through my Rotel amp and Mordaunt-Short speaker towers. Sounds Magnificent!

A recent visit to The Doors FB page shows over 15,000,000 ‘likes’. Amazing !

Jim Morrison was a very complex man: poet, singer, rock star, avatar of the revolution, drunk, lizard king, tortured, insightful, ecstatic, visionary, victim, god, hypnotic, human, sexual, violent, peaceful, humble, egotistical and many other things.

He was a chameleon, a living mirror of the times and after all these years we still project on him. What do you see?

Let the Carnival Begin

Let the Carnival Begin

After a long haitus I am returning to the circular art form. This one was created with three different programs. The pattern was created with CAD design, then the lines were transformed into raster objects with CorelDraw,, then the colours were selected and dropped in with Corel Painter. It was a pleasure to create this one, even though simpler in execution than some of my previous Geometric Mandalas. As always limited edition prints are available and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Thank you for visiting myartistego.

Red Moon Six

Red Moon Six

Full Moon in Leo, sign of creativity, coming up in a few days.

‘Red Moon Six’ is a Spiritual Surrealist work that not only symbolizes the creative process, but is itself an ongoing process. The red lizard represents transformation, born from the moon goddess’s mind. Born in 2005, the painting continued to evolve with elements added and deleted over the ensuing years.

The beauty of working digital media is that one can save different versions of the same work, or completely change any or all elements at any time.

Forms created today may find infinite life on the Web. Art has truly slipped the bonds of time.

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