Here is the queen of Egypt in all her glowing beauty, based on a photo from the film Ceasar and Cleopatra starring Vivien Leigh and Claude Rains. In the movie Cleopatra was reduced to a pawn in Caesar’s game but historians now know that she was strong and intelligent, descended from the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Wikipedia has a fairly complete entry on this female pharaoh. An earlier version of this painting was featured on this blog two years ago but I wanted to give it more contrast and created the black background. More detail was added to the headdress and some final touches were made to the skin and eyes. As I have done with other portraits, I wanted to depict the innate nobility, beauty and strength of the human soul. This is also a celebration of my recent sale of several other limited edition prints. A signed, limited edition of this print (25 only…14″ x 24″ approx) is available for $200 and can be shipped to anywhere in North America for an additional $30 Cdn. Thanks for visiting myartistego.Cleopatra 3