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A spontaneous painting that started out as a pencil sketch then evolved into a digital watercolour. The blue and white version was a happy accident that occurred when I was doing a select process and hit the wrong button by accident. So it manifested by itself out of the Void. Luckily I had the presence of mind to hit the save button immediately before it vanished back to from whence it came. The Ox herding pictures are an ancient tradition in Zen (Japanese) or Chan (Chinese) art. They depict symbolically the journey from ordinary mind to the mind of Oneness and enlightenment. This is the sixth picture, called “Riding the Ox Home.” For further reference please check this page which has an explanation of the meanings of the original pictures by D.T. Suzuki.
http://philosophy.lander.edu/oriental/reader/reader/x5038.htmlOx Circle Blue 3

Sacred Lotus

The sacred nature of the lotus as a symbol has been seen in many different cultures. When I began this work many years ago it was a project for a fund raising poster for the Rochester Zen Center. The original was done with graphite and colored pencils on chalkboard. Then over the years I would pick it up again and consider “finishing” it. I liked the layout and positioning of the original three lotus blossoms and leaves. About a month ago I had a deep experience of my sacred nature, beyond all duality, and a pink lotus was the symbol which arose in my mind. As a result, I felt the urge to re-create this painting, both as an artistic endeavour and as a spiritual mirroring of my inner process. It will undergo some refinement in future as I clarify the lines in the leaf and adjust the lighting. However it is close to being “done.” A signed, numbered print is available if you send an email to me at rob.zentaur@gmail.com Thanks for visiting myartistego.

Sacred Lotuses