Lizard King 17 signed croppedSearch for Jim Morrison paintings and mostly you will find crap. I felt it was time to share this with a larger visual audience. This one took many hours with multiple revisions. Tonight I have been listening to the remastered Doors CD ‘Strange Days’ through my Rotel amp and Mordaunt-Short speaker towers. Sounds Magnificent!

A recent visit to The Doors FB page shows over 15,000,000 ‘likes’. Amazing !

Jim Morrison was a very complex man: poet, singer, rock star, avatar of the revolution, drunk, lizard king, tortured, insightful, ecstatic, visionary, victim, god, hypnotic, human, sexual, violent, peaceful, humble, egotistical and many other things.

He was a chameleon, a living mirror of the times and after all these years we still project on him. What do you see?